The core value of our company is to guide foreigners coming to Hungary with any of their special needs; as an expatriate or foreign student wanting to settle in as fast as possible can be quite a challenge, we are now here to help!

Are you moving to Hungary? Do you need help in getting settled?

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Living in a foreign country can be a hassle if you don’t understand the language. This is where we come into the picture! Hire a Hungarian to help you find a home, a school for your children, assist with tenancy issues, a doctors appointment for translation, a shopping tour to help you get the best prices or simply for any daily deed that requires a bit of assistance with language or even an adventurous city tour to get familiarized. Experience the best cultural programs within the country, we will arrange a tailored itinerary based on your own expectations!


What makes us unique is that we are a friendly local service with comparison to other big agencies, so we can tailor any service to your exceptional requirements.


Our consultants are all internationally educated young individuals with a wide range of foreign experiences therefore they possess a multi-cultural mentality and know exactly what it feels like to be an expat abroad.


You think it, we deliver it! And we will personally focus only on YOU - and your friends or family - we will give you that family feeling that one seeks when living as a foreigner abroad.

We are knowledgeable, reliable and most of all flexible.


The below services can be required separately as well as in packages.

City Previews for Professionals, Families

If you want to get to know the city within a short period of time, let us be your guide! Let us give you an overview of City Dynamics, Residential Areas, Road Networks, Leisure Districts.


Home Search

Overview of Housing Market, Arranging Accompanied Property Viewings, Contract Negotiation, Assistance with the Entire Lease Process from Initial Agreement to Completion.

School Search

Finding the Right Curriculum, Assistance with Registration, Arranging School Visits, Negotiating with Principles, Delivering Deposits, Purchasing Uniforms.


Immigration Services

Are you planning to immigrate to Hungary? Do you need a Hungarian residency card or work permit? Our consultant will guide you through the most challenging steps of the immigration procedure, saving you lot of time and hassle with hours of queues and paperwork.


Real Estate Management

If you are an investor and need a Hungarian real estate professional to assist with finding and/or managing your property - whether it's for short term or long term rental - we have the right sources and business model for you!

Rent a Friend Service

Rent a friend for the following occasions, per hourly rates: meetings, events, city orientation, shopping tours, weddings, running errands, translations, etc.


Property Renovations

Managing the renovations of your property in Budapest while living abroad is close to impossible. We offer our best expertise and renovation team in managing and supervising the work. Get a tailored quote, save yourself the time and headache.

Pet Related Services

Ask our help for the following: pet immigration to Hungary, pet sitting in Budapest, pet export, dog sitting, dog hotel, dog grooming, dog training.



Translation at Any Official Place

We Will Personally Accompany You to Any Place Where Translation is Needed, ie: Doctors, Meetings, Events, Parties, etc.

Road and Driving Orientation

Feel Insecure Driving in a Foreign City? Let Us Guide You with Personal Accompany, Showing You Directions, Street Familiarization, Driving/Parking Coaching etc.

Partner/Spouse Assistance

Do you feel lonely at home while your husband is at work and kids in school? We will introduce you to Women’s associations mingling with expat women in Hungary, we will help you find your sport/hobby, Hungarian cooking lessons, etc.

Dentistry, Doctor’s Appointments

Finding the right dentist or doctor in a foreign country can be a hassle if you don`t know where to start looking. Let us find you the right one- based on recommendations- and personally take you to them, assisting you with translations, directions, etc.

Language Exchange - Hungarian Practice

Need practice in Hungarian? Or are you looking for a native English speaker to exchange lessons for Hungarian? Let us find you the right connections! Mingle with local Hungarians on one to one occasions or groups.

Private Yoga Classes for Ladies

Indian certified English yoga teacher will coach you at home with a tailored yoga class suiting your body type and fitness. Classes can be individual or with groups in your own home.

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